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Are universities using the right data to scrutinize graduation rates?

Posted by Jon Pilkington

Which one will graduate? Collecting the right data will give you the answer. When discussing issues pertaining to higher education, it's not uncommon for specialists to reference statistics.

How are consumers responding to your marketing campaigns?

Posted by Ben Plummer

Giving your marketing team interactive visualizations that are easy to understand is imperative for it to formulate plans in a timely manner. I don't know about you, but looking at a spreadsheet detailing how people are responding to my marketing initiatives gives me a headache.

How can data visualization take city transit to the next level?

Posted by Ben Plummer

There are numerous ways to traverse a city, but what's the best way? Public transportation is already contributing to the growth of the Internet of Things, but are we really making the best use of this technology?

Is your marketing team ready for big data analytics?

Posted by Dan Potter

Creating personalized advertisements and offers for specific individuals requires the appropriate analysis tools Using data analysis software to measure the success of a marketing campaign is one thing, but leveraging it to create personalized advertisements in real time is another.

Some clarification on big data analytics techniques

Posted by Michael Morrison

Numbers are just a small part of the data available. All too often, big data analytics is a term used to synonymously describe a set of techniques that scrutinize information in a number of different ways.

What happens when the data isn’t there?

Posted by Ben Plummer

When the data can't be found in traditional places, look elsewhere. Using data visualization tools to educate your peers about a reality that often goes unnoticed isn't anything new.

How can the Internet of Things be properly harnessed?

Posted by Michael Morrison

With billions of Internet-connected devices set to hit the market over the next few years, it's no surprise that many enterprises have security worries. Getting a handle on the Internet of Things doesn't involve employing the most expensive data analysis software on the planet, nor does is consist of collecting every bit of information at your disposal.

Which data visualization is best for you?

Posted by Ben Plummer

Finding the best way to visualize your data depends on the type of information you're trying to scrutinize. Although there are a number of ways to visualize data, there may only be a few representations through which professionals can perceive it in a meaningful way.

Datawatch partners with predictive analytics leader

Posted by Jon Pilkington

Taking the data you collect on a consistent basis and gaining predictive insight from it is a powerful approach to take. When displayed in a digestible manner, unstructured data can provide business leaders with the insight necessary to prepare for the future.

Two athletes who used data visualization to improve performance

Posted by Ben Plummer

Data analytics tools can help you figure out where you can make improvements in your workouts. I came across a couple of articles - one written by an exercise buff - that showed how data visualization can help athletes reach new heights.


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