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5 needs for real-time social media analysis

Posted by Dan Potter

What are they saying out there? Monitoring instances as they occur is a benefit of using real time analytics - but the real gain comes from understanding what those actions really mean. 

How to approach disease prediction and prevention with big data

Posted by Michael Morrison

Scrutinizing data applicable to region, climate and individuals can help doctors predict diseases before they occur. I've been paying a fair amount of attention to health care as of late - specifically how organizations are using the treasure trove of data at their disposal.

How can data visualization help your social media marketing?

Posted by Ben Plummer

What incites a Tweet? A flurry of Tweets? For all the time you marketers spend on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media websites, bet you're wondering whether or not that hard work is paying off.

How can we effectively understand crime trends?

Posted by Ben Plummer

What's necessary to accurately visualize crime? How can that intelligence be used and manipulated? Yesterday, I was watching my favorite program, HBO's "The Wire," which is a fictional case study detailing why a city entrenched in poverty is likely to never recover.

Skeptical about solar? Data analytics can provide clarity

Posted by Michael Morrison

Scrutinizing global weather data can provide enterprises and consumers with an accurate representation of hypothetical solar energy production. You have a reason to be apprehensive of solar energy's credibility. For those of you living in parts of the world where winter lasts more than four months, I understand why.

Are universities using the right data to scrutinize graduation rates?

Posted by Jon Pilkington

Which one will graduate? Collecting the right data will give you the answer. When discussing issues pertaining to higher education, it's not uncommon for specialists to reference statistics.

How are consumers responding to your marketing campaigns?

Posted by Ben Plummer

Giving your marketing team interactive visualizations that are easy to understand is imperative for it to formulate plans in a timely manner. I don't know about you, but looking at a spreadsheet detailing how people are responding to my marketing initiatives gives me a headache.

How can data visualization take city transit to the next level?

Posted by Ben Plummer

There are numerous ways to traverse a city, but what's the best way? Public transportation is already contributing to the growth of the Internet of Things, but are we really making the best use of this technology?

Is your marketing team ready for big data analytics?

Posted by Dan Potter

Creating personalized advertisements and offers for specific individuals requires the appropriate analysis tools Using data analysis software to measure the success of a marketing campaign is one thing, but leveraging it to create personalized advertisements in real time is another.

Some clarification on big data analytics techniques

Posted by Michael Morrison

Numbers are just a small part of the data available. All too often, big data analytics is a term used to synonymously describe a set of techniques that scrutinize information in a number of different ways.


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