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Electronic health records, wearables prove a boon to health care industry

Posted by Michael Morrison

Smart watches and other wearable devices can provide a wealth of data for health organizations to dissect. The Internet of Things and electronic health records (EHRs) are two hot topics of conversation among medical practitioners.

Having the right attitude about big data analytics

Posted by Michael Morrison

Intimidated by big data? Don't be. Some of you may be intimidated by the prospect of harnessing big data, but there are visualization tools and platforms capable of making the job easier than you would think.

Analytics on ice: A data-driven hockey season

Posted by Ben Plummer

There are a number of ways in which professionals can use analytics to measure a hockey player's performance. A sport characterized by players with missing teeth, unbearably cold weather and decades-old rivalries, hockey is probably the only thing people residing in the northernmost parts of the world appreciate about the winter.

How are HR reps using data analysis software?

Posted by Michael Morrison

When using analytics to expedite the candidate review process, it's important to determine whether prospects have a basic command of the English language. Baby boomers are starting to retire, prompting human resource specialists to find the right people to fill their shoes.

Are you prepared for Analytics 3.0?

Posted by Michael Morrison

The next generation of data analysis will have a profound impact on contemporary business models. Think your business is data intensive now? Over the next decade or so, data analysis software is going to be the basis of enterprise operations.

How data analytics will bring smart cities to life

Posted by Dan Potter

What does it take to create a smart city? Data analysis software can do more than simply report how much electricity the average household uses within a given region.

When will data analysis software identify sarcasm?

Posted by Michael Morrison

Identifying sarcasm and other forms of humor can't be quite difficult for a data analysis tool to do. Enterprise-class data visualization software is capable of mining comments and assigning positive, negative and neutral emotional context to them.

How can real time analytics improve the retail supply chain?

Posted by Dan Potter

Organizing complex distribution routes can be a daunting task. For retail companies new to the strategy, omnichannel merchandising can cause a lot of headaches.

How marketers can use the predictive Web

Posted by Ben Plummer

Delivering a successful marketing campaign depends on what analysis tools you're using. What if you could anticipate what a consumer was about to buy based on his or her Web searches?

3 business segments you can measure with data visualization tools

Posted by Ben Plummer

A number of factors make up a business, which ones are performing right? Qualitative data analysis can provide you with a list of insights regarding your finances, customers and internal processes.


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