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Four essentials for your big data analysis endeavor

Posted by Michael Morrison

Making data analysis a regular part of your business strategy will help the company adapt to changing circumstances very well. It doesn't matter if you're the CEO of a statewide utility or the president of a regional bank. If your company collects data, you mine as well analyze it.

Fitness gurus: Visualize your data

Posted by Ben Plummer

Charting your progress can be made easier with fitness trackers and visualization tools. Now more than ever, people are using Internet-connected devices to track their fitness progress.

How can enterprises navigate unstructured data?

Posted by Jon Pilkington

Detecting insurance fraud can be pretty tricky. I often find executives become visibly stressed when I mention analyzing unstructured data.

Two ways data analytics is changing soccer

Posted by Michael Morrison

Understanding how a player will contribute to a team requires a combination of human insight and data analysis. Although some soccer enthusiasts' interest in predictive analytics has somewhat tapered off since the World Cup's conclusion, that doesn't mean sports organizations aren't using data analysis in other ways.

Where’s the value in visualizing text?

Posted by Ben Plummer

Making sense of conversation through a digital medium is challenging, but rewarding. As every avid readers know, there's a lot of value to be found in written language.

How procurement specialists can benefit from real time analytics

Posted by Dan Potter

Procurement is incredibly complex, and having the tools to scrutinize it is essential. I can't emphasize enough how complicated the world of global sourcing is.

What do you need to predict the future?

Posted by Ben Plummer

A crystal ball may be too much to ask for, but predictive analytics is as close as you can get to foresight. The foresight achieved by the elves in "The Lord of the Rings" will never be attained, but businesses are getting closer to the mark with every technological advance.

Searching for success with data analytics? Ask the right questions

Posted by Michael Morrison

Are you asking your analytics programs the right questions? Time and time again, my colleagues and I have asserted the importance of asking big data analytics programs the right questions.

Big data analytics: A fraud detector

Posted by Ben Plummer

Detecting fraud or other forms of financial crime can be made easier with data visualization tools. About a year ago, I read an informative book by Joseph Serio, titled "Investigating the Russian Mafia," which delved into the world of illicit money transfers, fraud and laundering.

What’s up with “deep data”?

Posted by Michael Morrison

Look closer: You don't have to analyze it all. "Deep data" is just another fancy phrase one particular professional coined to describe the digital information that actually matters.


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