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Our Thoughts


What’s up with “deep data”?

"Deep data" is just another fancy phrase one particular professional coined to describe the digital information that actually matters.

Michael Morrison | August 1, 2014

Data visualization helps students connect society’s dots

When people talk about data visualization tools, they often reference the technology's ability to creatively represent data.

Ben Plummer | August 1, 2014

Intimidated by big data? Here’s why you shouldn’t be

"Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself."

Michael Morrison | August 1, 2014


Do you want to visualize data stored in #Hadoop? Incorporate HiveQL queries into your dashboards with our products!

@Datawatch | August 1, 2014

Could #DataAnalytics help the weatherman become a little more likable?

@Datawatch | August 1, 2014

Check out this @InformationWeek story on how Big Data is helping combat wildfires:

@Datawatch | August 1, 2014

If you want to make sense of social media data, you need to process it in real time.

@Datawatch | August 1, 2014


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