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Our Thoughts


Real-time analytics: What’s under the hood?

A lot of people talk about the wonders of in-memory processing, but in fact have no idea what it actually is.

Dan Potter | October 16, 2014

Visual analytics’ impact on the Internet of Things – Part Two

In Part Two, we'll continue the discussion by detailing the type of information the Internet of Things produces, as well as how data visualization will help enterprises make sense of this data.

Ben Plummer | October 10, 2014

Data visualization: past vs. present

Yes, data scientists were around in the 1800s, but it took them much longer to create data visualizations than it does today.

Ben Plummer | October 7, 2014


RT @bfplummer: Big Data & real time combine to predict impact of brain trauma and epilepsy through #viz information. Is powerful

@Datawatch | October 30, 2014

RT @bfplummer: #BigData wars: How technology could tip the mid-term elections Good insight to how analytics shape ca…

@Datawatch | October 30, 2014

RT @bfplummer: A lack of data literacy: Orgs need to be proactive investing in technologies to keep up w/ #BigData, …

@Datawatch | October 30, 2014

RT @bfplummer: #IoT is not like baseball: Analogy by @wsj shows need for real time #DataViz to create a more control…

@Datawatch | October 30, 2014


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