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Our Thoughts


5 needs for real-time social media analysis

Monitoring instances as they occur is a benefit of using real time analytics - but the real gain comes from understanding what those actions really mean. 

Dan Potter | July 22, 2014

How to approach disease prediction and prevention with big data

I've been paying a fair amount of attention to health care as of late - specifically how organizations are using the treasure trove of data at their disposal.

Michael Morrison | July 22, 2014

How can data visualization help your social media marketing?

For all the time you marketers spend on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media websites, bet you're wondering whether or not that hard work is paying off.

Ben Plummer | July 22, 2014


When it comes to #bigdata - whatever the source or type of data - it has one common thread: location.

@Datawatch | July 30, 2014

Transform #data into compelling visuals & share them on a brand new 55" Smart TV: NoPurNec50US18+Rule #FastData

@Datawatch | July 30, 2014

RT @KirkDBorne Don't let data visualization projects get lost in complexity: #BigData #DataViz

@Datawatch | July 30, 2014

Reading a list of statistics on a sheet is dull - you have to know, there is a better way. #visualanalytics

@Datawatch | July 30, 2014


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