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Our Thoughts


Immersive environments: Where data visualization is headed

As a human being, I tend to recognize the incredible advances we've made in technology and then say "Great, what's next?"

Ben Plummer | September 23, 2014

Data visualization tools prepare companies for the future

No matter what type of business you are in, you will encounter changes on an annual basis, whether minor strategic adjustments or monumental transformations.

Ben Plummer | September 22, 2014

What’s real time analytics’ role in the smart building phenomenon?

Developing a fully-functional smart building starts with the Internet of Things and comes to life with data analysis software.

Dan Potter | September 19, 2014


Apprehensive about solar panels? Data analytics can help clarify some issues for you.

@Datawatch | October 1, 2014

RT @RWW Humans are key to understanding Big Data

@Datawatch | October 1, 2014

RT @bfplummer: Supercomputing in everyday life will require a new kind of literacy: Real time #DataViz tools will me…

@Datawatch | October 1, 2014

RT @bfplummer: #BigData Cuts Buildings' Energy Use via WSJ Glad to see growth of data analytics tools in this market…

@Datawatch | October 1, 2014


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