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One of the key benefits associated with data visualization tools is that they enable business leaders to make decisions as fast as possible.

As health care organizations continue to digitize patient records and adopt cloud solutions, hospitals, insurance companies and government authorities are collecting an incredible amount of data.

Upon collecting data from emails, PDF documents, customer surveys and numerous other avenues, many organizations are presented with potentially insightful information.

Now more than ever, legislators throughout the United States are utilizing technology to bring better service to their constituents.

In order to increase electricity production, promote efficiency and determine what assets need to be enhanced, energy providers are relying on data visualization tools to give them a comprehensive view of their networks.

The need for big data analytics is growing throughout the business world.

CMOs reaching out to big data analytics

  • - Michael Morrison
  • | March 31, 2014

CMOs are understanding the importance of incorporating big data analytics into critical projects.

Visualization unlocks the power of data

  • - Ben Plummer
  • | March 31, 2014

Information can be highly beneficial to companies when decision-makers have implemented visualization tools to make understanding that data simpler.