Aberdeen: Real-Time Visualization – Seeing Data in Motion


Sports, music, theater, and data visualization all have one thing in common: they’re better live. However, live data feeds alone are unwieldy and overwhelming. Decision makers need powerful tools to process information into an engaging, digestible format. Recent Aberdeen research surveyed 54 organizations currently using real-time, data-fueled visualizations. This webinar examines the benefits of real-time visualization to inform decision making, and explore technologies that use live data to drive superior performance.

Findings show that organizations using real-time data visualization:

  • Are able to access critical information within the decision window¬†78% of the time, or 22% more often than those without
  • Achieved a 26% increase in new pipeline accounts identified
  • Achieved a 15% increase in cash generated from operations
  • Are over twice as likely to have data integration tools than those without real-time data visualization


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