You have tons of financial data at your disposal. But what you really need is a way to make sense of it – to spot trends, model what-if scenarios, find anomalies, and get answers to the hundreds of questions you have each week, without spending hundreds of hours.

Less time analyzing data. More time strategizing next steps.

Datawatch lets you see the whole picture, combining all your internal financial information with data from any other source you need to make smart decisions – including data locked in legacy reports or PDF documents. With easy-to-use visualizations, you can get answers as quickly as you ask the questions. And because Datawatch makes sharing information easy, you can put these same tools in the hands of people throughout the organization, so Finance is not a bottleneck when it comes to developing financial analysis.

With Datawatch you can:

  • Deliver faster answers to key stakeholders, and let them monitor critical financial metrics and KPIs.
  • Drive profitability by identifying the most profitable markets, initiatives and scenarios.
  • Provide data lineage and governance by storing the source documents and automating the extraction of specific data, and making it available to all users.
  • Improve cash flow analysis with access to real-time data and with tools to answers questions immediately.
  • Reduce costs by analyzing spending trends and identifying opportunities to increase efficiency.


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