Data Can Be Your Worst Enemy or Best Friend

How to Make Data Your Best Friend PROBLEM: Businesses don't have...

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MasterCard Improves Customer Experience with Data Prep

MasterCard Improves Customer Experience Through Self-Service Data Prep Infographic   With Monarch, MasterCard...

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Forrester: Faster Data Preparation Unlocks Agility And Insights

With data prep, data professionals can increase their productivity and...

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Modell’s Ups its Game with Self-Service Data Prep

Modell's Ups its Game with Self-Service Data Prep Infographic Datawatch Monarch...

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Data Preparation for Tableau

Data Preparation for Tableau Infographic   Tableau users report that it’s all...

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automation value

The Value of extending self-service data preparation through automation

  Learn more in our whitepaper that discusses the value of...

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Self-Service Data Prep Saves Marbridge Thousands

Self-Service Data Prep Saves Marbridge Thousands of Man-Hours, Meets IRS ACA...

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The Datawatch Platform: How It Works

 Datawatch Platform Infographic Our solution brings together self-service data preparation and...

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6 Requirements Iot Infographic

6 Requirements for IoT Success

Here’s what you need to securely access, analyze and visualize...

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gartner embrace cover

Research from Gartner: Embrace Self-Service Data Preparation Tools

Research from Gartner: Embrace Self-Service Preparation Tools for Agility, but Govern...

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bridging gap

Bridge the Gap between business agility and governance

Self-service data preparation tools are rapidly being recognized as a necessary element...

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Gartner Industrial Iot Thumbnail

Industrial Analytics Powered by the Internet of Things

CIO's of asset-intensive companies are finding themselves at the leading...

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Blue Hill Research: Bridging the Data Preparation Gap: Consumer Product Goods

Quenching Consumer Packaged Goods’ Thirst for Data High volumes, thin margins,...

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Blue Hill Research: Bridging the Data Preparation Gap in Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Feeding the Strategic Need for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Analytic Transformation Data...

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beyond excel

Best Practices: Pushing Excel Beyond Its Limits with Managed Analytics

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used business intelligence and...

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Datawatch Monarch for 401k Compliance

Enabling HR to Minimize Compliance Risk Filing a form 5500 for...

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Datawatch Monarch for Revenue Cycle Management

Boosting the Bottom Line in Healthcare with Data As healthcare organizations...

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tableau reg

Self Service Data Preparation For Tableau

Datawatch Monarch Data analysts that use Tableau can easily create meaningful...

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Six Intake Questions for Healthier Healthcare Reporting

Developing a comprehensive healthcare reporting strategy with Data Prep Developing a...

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