Datawatch Automator

Autopilot for data-related tasks.

There’s no reason to handle data acquisition, conversion and distribution manually. These time-consuming, repetitive processes can be easily automated by Datawatch Automator, part of the Datawatch Server solution.

Automator can be set up to process and extract data from a wide variety of source files on a predetermined schedule or whenever new information arrives. You choose the input, the output and the timing, and Automator manages the rest, even emailing users when updates have been added. As a result, you can extract, transform, move and load data faster and more easily than ever before.

Intuitive Work Flow

Datawatch Automator makes complex projects easy with its intuitive and visual work flow. Users can now drag and drop different jobs and models into projects. This allows for all users to be able automate and schedule reports without scripting.

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