Datawatch Server

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Datawatch Server help enterprises securely and easily share all the answers of your data preparation and data discovery throughout the organization. The server has three components Visualization, Automator and Content each assisting the organization with analytics.


Publish visualizations and dashboards.

Datawatch Visualization Server allows you to export dashboards and visual analytics to individuals across the organization. That way, anyone can view the data and use the dashboards at any time through a web browser, tablet or smartphone.


Datawatch Server2

Acquire and distribute data.

Datawatch Automator puts data acquisition, conversion and distribution on autopilot. The solution can process and extract data on a predetermined schedule or as new information arrives, and email users when updates are available.



Govern self-service initiatives.

Datawatch Content Server offers robust governance that allow you to stay on top of self-service initiatives — a growing source of risk for many organizations. A document repository stores all assets, including source data and extraction models as well as the prepared data, so you can review complete data lineage from within visualizations.


What’s more, Datawatch Content Server manages individual user authorizations, tracks how and when data has been accessed, and maintains complete data lineage. Everything is easily managed through a web-based portal.

Datawatch Server lets you:

  • Share visualizations easily with graphically rich, interactive web dashboards that anyone in the organization can access.
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual data collection.
  • Make static data more accessible by exporting it to any format your users need — Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML, Access, XML and text.
  • Securely store source data and extracts, as well as preparation models, visualizations and dashboards.
  • Provide data lineage and self-service governance by storing the source documents as well as automating extraction of and access to specific data.

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