Datawatch Report Mining Server

Turn static reports into a wealth of business intelligence.

Think of all the incredibly valuable intelligence that is buried in the thousands or millions of documents that flow through your organization. Your enterprise content management (ECM) system can give you access to those documents, but it can’t help you extract all the answers you need for accurate analysis and faster decision making.

That’s where Datawatch Report Mining Server can help. It’s a web-based analytics solution that integrates with almost any ECM and lets you access the intelligence locked away inside reports and documents. Report Mining Server transforms static documents into live data that you can filter, sort and combine with other content, turning your ECM into a powerful source for answers to your questions.

Report Mining Server lets you:

  • Transform your ECM system into a business intelligence solution.
  • Increase productivity by providing one click transformation of reports into usable formats like Excel spreadsheets – no more cutting and pasting or data entry.
  • Reduce IT burden by eliminating need for additional infrastructure for ad-hoc reporting, sub-reports, or live database connectivity.
  • Get more value from existing reports, reporting systems and document archives.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating expensive data marts or warehouses.
  • Improve analytics with self-service ad-hoc analysis, investigation and auditing capabilities.

Report Mining Server deploys quickly and integrates easily with systems such as:



IBM Content Manager OnDemand & Datawatch Report Mining Server:

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