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Unified Information Management

In today’s accelerated global business environment, information must be available — fast. On-demand access to critical business documents can significantly improve customer service response time, drive more efficient operations, and expedite audits, legal discovery and other vital business processes. To support this expanded use of data and manage the mountains of print and electronic information generated by your business, you need a flexible, scalable system.

To get a better handle on storing, managing and, most importantly, fully leveraging these information assets, many organizations are turning to unified information management technologies or what has traditionally been known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

Datawatch’s Unified Information Management solutions allow organizations the flexibility to store and retrieve a wide variety of content like reports, invoices, statements, PDF files, log files and many other semi-structured and unstructured formats through its high volume, high velocity loading and storage technology. With the ability to automatically index these documents with key-field search criteria for fast, efficient retrieval and management of the content throughout the information life cycle. Datawatch goes beyond traditional content management system to propel your organization beyond simple search to being able to take action on the results. 

What we offer:

Datawatch Report Mining Server
Datawatch Report Manager On-Demand