Datawatch Acquires Panopticon

Visually Analyze Any Data, At the Speed of Business

Only Datawatch provides a Visual Data Discovery solution that can finally leverage all of the structured and unstructured data within your organization, including real-time sources. Now you can unlock valuable insights from data in static reports, PDF files, print spools and EDI streams. And visualize both historic as well as rapidly changing data using real-time data streams from sources like CEP engines, tick or machine data.  Datawatch is your solution to Get the Whole Story!

See Visual Data Discovery in Action

  • basic-visual-dashboard

    Visual data discovery with big data

  • build-dashboard-web-browser

    Build dashboards in minutes

  • real-time-live-streaming

    Connect to streaming CEP data

  • real-time-trading-flow

    Real-time streaming of trading flow 

  • time-series-dashboards

    Build time series dashboards

  • high-density-displays

    Dashboards with high-density displays

Gartner predicts major changes for traditional BI:  Data Discovery and Streaming Data Newsletter

gartner-predicts-thumbGartner has predicted some major changes this year in the world of BI and analytics – specifically the dominance of visual data discovery and the need to analyze real-time streaming data.

Read the full Gartner Predicts 2014 Research here.

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