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Marbridge Foundation

"Datawatch has saved us so much time and money, it’s hard to even quantify."  

The Fauquier Bank

"Datawatch has increased the credibility and efficient use of information throughout the organization."  

San Bernardino Schools

"Datawatch allowed us to streamline processes and eliminate error-prone manual efforts..."  

Simplified Financial

"We use the Datawatch platform in concert with our acquisition platform..."  


"We can put just about any customizable report within the client’s reach quickly, efficiently...

Southeastern Med

"The return on the investment will be realized in less than a month."  


"Datawatch has simplified our procedures and put us in control of our destiny."  

Pacific Office Automation

"Datawatch allows us to cut our data into meaningful pieces for analysis."  

Piedmont Henry Hospital

"We were able to prepare, analyze and distribute the right clinical data."  

Icicle Seafood

"With Datawatch, we can perform more advanced analysis and forecasting than we ever could...

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