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Capture and Transform Data from Any Source

Being able to leverage all the information that you need to understand your business is the key to remaining competitive in a world where data comes from a wide variety of sources.

With Datawatch Modeler, you can bring all the data that you need to manage your business to life, whether that information is stored in structured sources like databases, or in less conventional places like unstructured or semi-structured EDI streams, PDF files, reports or text files. With the power of Datawatch Modeler’s engine, information can be evaluated, organized and integrated to provide a 360 degree view of any type of business issue or opportunity.


Key Highlights


  • Adds variety to your Big Data and your business intelligence applications
  • Improves business processes by eliminating inefficient manual data collection practices
  • Reaches beyond relational data to include the trusted data from inaccessible, operational systems/reports
  • Leverages existing reporting systems as a source of web-enabled operations and transactional business intelligence
  • Analyzes data quickly and intuitively with features including filtering, sorting, aggregation and drilling
  • Works with virtually any operational report, including PDF, print, spool and text files, formatted ASCII files and more
  • Extracts data from almost any source, including:
    • ERP, BI, CRM and other LOB and legacy systems such as text, PDF and XPS
    • Spreadsheets and desktop databases such as Excel and Access
    • Relational databases using OLEDB and ODBC
  • Exports to a variety of popular formats including Excel, PDF, HTML, Access, XML and text

Big Data Solutions – Variety is the Key

A common theme in Big Data systems is that the source data is diverse, and rarely presents itself in a form perfectly ordered and ready for analysis.

Compounding matters is the fact that the data sources being used to run your business are rarely accessible or in the format you need to perform analytics:


  • Data comes from outside the four walls of your company (Invoices, POs, PDFs, etc.)
  • Data sources behind your trusted operational systems are not readily accessible or require IT intervention to make the data usable
  • Data is available only in reports, due to complex, one-time calculations
  • Data types, like EDI streams and machine data, can be too complex to decompose and reconstitute for analytics
  • BI systems were built in isolation, and performing cross-system reporting/analytics requires a large integration project


Using Every Shred of Data 

Reports, which are often overlooked as a source of trusted analytic data within the organization, offer the simplest, most cost-effective solution to quickly obtain trusted, audited data from a wide variety of systems (on disparate platforms) within the organization.

The data quality level of an organization’s operational reports is the highest of any of its information. Additionally, reports often contain the results of complex “point in time” business logic, essential data that is not available in any other form within the system that produced it.

By leveraging your report assets, Datawatch Modeler puts the power of information optimization into the hands of the users who are familiar with the meaning, context and content of the information. This allows your business users to visually extract data from reports, and speeds analysis and the acquisition of new data because it removes the requirement to understand the structure of the underlying data system. This ability to analyze semi-structured data content, combined with structured BI content, represents the next frontier for analytics and data discovery in the enterprise today.


Datawatch Modeler– For the Individual

When deployed as a stand-alone desktop information optimization client, Datawatch Modeler allows you to model your own information and perform personal analysis of structured and semi-structured information from a wide variety of sources. This capability to operate in a personal deployment model makes Datawatch Modeler the perfect product to empower individual analysts to work with reports, PDF files and other sources of data to gain a better understanding of what drives the day-to-day tasks. Datawatch Modeler’s desktop deployment capability also helps users with mobile deployment needs so you can take your information optimization capabilities “on the road.” Users like auditors and sales teams can take this powerful tool into off-site situations and work directly with client information to gain a greater understanding of their businesses. With Datawatch Modeler, the power to Get the Whole Story can start with you.


Datawatch Modeler – For the Enterprise

Datawatch Modeler provides the ability for data and IT professionals involved in delivering Big Data and information optimization applications to model the widest variety of data sources in the industry. Structured, unstructured and semi-structured information can all be modeled, transformed and shared if deployed with Datawatch’s Visual Data Discovery solutions. This ability to leverage models from Datawatch Modeler means that every user who is working with an individual copy can ensure that, if needed, their applications can become part of a compliant corporate environment and that the investment made in those models can be expanded across the entire organization, allowing everyone to gain a greater understanding of the business –and Get the Whole Story.

To take your analytics to the next level, Datawatch Desktop allows users to design visualizations from any data source supported under Datawatch’s new visualization technology, as well as design and develop models to visualize less than structured data from sources supported by Datawatch Modeler.