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Datawatch Corporation enables ordinary users to deliver extraordinary results with all their data.  Only Datawatch can unlock data from the widest variety of sources and prepare it for use in visualization tools or for business processes. By eliminating the barriers to data access, Datawatch makes it remarkably fast and easy for users to get visibility into unstructured, semi-structured and streaming data to maximize business value. The company’s self-service data preparation and visual data discovery solutions bridge the gap between the ease of use and agility that business users want and the automation, scalability and governance IT demands. Organizations of all sizes in more than 100 countries worldwide use Datawatch products, including 93 of the Fortune 100. The company is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, with offices in New York, London, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Singapore and Manila. To learn more about Datawatch or download a free version of its enterprise software, please visit: www.datawatch.com.

Founded: 1985
Publicly Traded: NASDAQ-DWCH
Customers: Global customers of every size, including 431 of The Fortune 500
Employees: 190+ Worldwide
Headquarters: Bedford, Massachusetts, US

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