What’s New in Monarch 14.1

Updates for Monarch Complete

Altair is proud to announce the latest release of Monarch software — Version 14.1 — in our ongoing effort to deliver better usability, more advanced capabilities and stronger performance to Monarch customers.

Table Extractor

Now automatically find tables on specific pages in large documents, automate table extraction and capture data as separate tables within a single page.

Customizable Change Lists

Enhancements include the ability to customize and/or reuse change lists for repeatability, consistency and efficiency and the ability to export or import change lists for sharing and reuse.

Overall Improved Usability

Changes include a single menu that is context sensitive and clearly categorized, easy access to file metadata with traceability for file-based data sources and improved ability to set the correct stretch factoring using dynamic guides.

Learn more about Monarch Complete 14.1


Updates for Monarch Server

Server Status and Logs for Visual Processes

Enhancements provide users with more information on processes running on the server and in the logs produced by Visual Processes. The information is easily accessible and it gives a better overview if any issues are present.

Enhanced Features in Process Definitions

The definition of Automator processes is the core of Monarch Server and the new and enhanced features improve compatibility between Standard and Visual Processes. They simplify process management and enable users to build and run processes faster and with better control.

Dynamic Process Runs and Schedules

The enhancements in this area enable users to more flexibly define and configure scheduled or monitored processes. More dynamic setup is now possible to benefit general system operations.

Reduced Risk of Security Breaches for Monarch Server

Regular review of the software eliminates the risk to have vulnerabilities exposed. The code scans performed on Monarch Server permit deployments to more easily comply with the major regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Monarch Version 14.1 is now available. Contact us for purchasing or upgrade options, or try it for free with this 30-day free software trial.