Data Intelligence

Be honest with yourself.
Is your organization getting the most from your data?

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of companies can only use 25% (or less!) of their business data.
of companies lack the data to make major business decisions.
of marketers say they have a unified view of customers.
of all enterprise data is actually used to make business decisions.

Data intelligence to fuel your business

Your organization’s data is an asset for gaining a competitive edge

As data and analytics leaders, you’re looking to drive more value from your data and gain more forward-looking insights that can increase revenue and help make better business decisions. How can you:

  • Establish trust in your data and the analysis it is used for
  • Manage the diversity of data, users and outputs
  • Improve the accessibility and usability of your data
  • Master the complexities of your data by empowering more people to leverage it

There’s no shortage of data out there. Data intelligence, on the other hand, is harder to come by. It’s data that’s controlled instead of chaotic. Insightful instead of immaterial. Empowering instead of overwhelming. And it’s what Altair has spent the last three decades pioneering, so that individuals and organizations can master data with unprecedented access, agility and governance.

The results are improved efficiency, collaboration, integrity, and time to insight. All so your business is fueled with the data intelligence it needs to evolve, transform, disrupt, invent, and succeed.

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More Is Better

What Is Data Intelligence?

More Data

Our heritage in self-service data preparation means that you can better access and manage more data.

More internal, external, and enterprise-wide sources of data. More files, apps, and databases. More big data. More data from PDFs, XML and HTML. More of your deepest, darkest, most unstructured data. Altair makes it all usable and repeatable, maximizing the breadth, integrity, value, and insight you get from your data, no matter the origin, format or narrative.

More Trust

And more data doesn’t have to mean more chaos or more vulnerabilities.

With Altair, gone are the self-service siloes, duplications, and versioning errors that create dubious analytics. In their place is a secure, unified data management platform that ensures data integrity, user lineage, and control; one that’s focused on empowering everyone to be self-sufficient data masters but with the control to allow the right people to access the right data and locking down the wrong data from the wrong people. The result is greater confidence that leads to bolder insights, braver progression, and smarter outcomes for individuals and organizations alike.

More Minds

What’s more is we’re relentlessly innovating the way data is accessed to create greater focus, accountability, insight and action.

We’re tearing down walls between individuals, disciplines and offices to create new levels of enterprise-wide insight, socialization, trust and progression. More people are free to explore more avenues. Teams can collaborate on the models, predictions and recommendations of their peers with precision, efficiency and agility. And people and information alike become invaluable in their ability to move a business forward.

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TDWI Pulse Report: Reducing Inefficiency and Increasing the Value of Analytics and Business Intelligence

In most industries today, it is essential for all personnel–from executives to managers to frontline sales and service staff–to use data effectively for both strategic decisions and operations. Data is increasingly the lifeblood for a host of critical activities, including managing business performance, evaluating risk, engaging with customers, fine-tuning operational…

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