Webinar: Optimize eTrading Profitability and Manage Risk in Real-Time


Banks have invested millions in their data infrastructures, and can now capture and retain enormous amounts of data on all their trading activity. Within many firms, however, there is a critical missing piece: The ability to analyze such tremendous volumes of data quickly and accurately. Waiting for end-of-day reports to make decisions that affect the firm’s future profitability and on-going compliance is simply untenable in the current trading environment. Electronic trading requires a new generation of tools that employ advanced data handling and visualization techniques. Simply adapting traditional methods based on tables and numerical displays is inadequate, since significant trading opportunities and compliance threats can so easily hide in the numbers.

In this webinar, Panopticon’s SVP Visualization Strategy Peter Simpson is joined by David Hall, CEO and Co-founder of TAPaaS, a trading analytics platform that is rapidly gaining traction with FX brokers and other customers around the world.

TAPaaS has developed a trading risk management platform which incorporates Panopticon’s real-time visual analytics and makes all the alerts that system generates actionable. It is designed to give traders, managers, risk officers, and compliance people the ability to act on insight, based on real-time data. TAPaaS can visualize and analyze both real-time and historical data and enables brokers to analyze alerts and take corrective action in seconds.

Peter and David examine some of the most common compliance, risk, and profitability challenges facing banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and other firms engaged in e-Trading, and demonstrate new methods for addressing those challenges using real-world examples.

What You Will See:

  • Assuring your hedge (A Book) is always balanced
  • Understanding risk exposure and P&L of the warehouse (B Book)
  • Profiling counterparties for warehousing versus hedging
  • Visually monitoring best execution results for compliance and customer satisfaction

Who Should Watch This Recording:

  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Traders
  • Portfolio managers
  • Quants
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Anyone interested in reducing the operational burdens associated with regulatory compliance, including MiFID II

David Hall

David is a co-founder and CEO of Tapaas. He has over 20 years experience delivering information technology solutions to businesses primarily in financial markets. He has worked as a software developer, management consultant, corporate team leader, solution and enterprise architect, project manager and department head. He has worked on a variety of projects including: software package implementation, custom application development, business relocation, platform upgrades, corporate relocation and integration resulting from mergers and acquisitions.

He has worked in the United States, Japan, the UK and Australia and dealt with cultural, language and technology challenges of integrating global enterprises with local systems. The systems he has worked on cover a broad range of business functions and asset classes spanning front and back office, institutional, private client and consumer businesses. He studied Accounting in University; started his career with Price Waterhouse in Audit and obtained a USA CPA license.

Peter Simpson

Peter has over 20 years of experience in capital markets. He returned to Altair in 2016 after holding compliance technology positions at Digital Reasoning and Deloitte UK. Simpson previously served in a technology and strategy capacity at Altair where he applied his expertise in trading and risk analytics. Before that time, Simpson was chief technology officer for Panopticon Software AB, which was acquired by Altair in 2013.

Before joining Altair predecessor Panopticon, Simpson spent eight years at HSBC Securities within Technology, Equities & Global Research. He has also held positions with companies providing new analytics solutions to trading firms. He holds an MSc in Info Systems Engineering from South Bank University and a BSc in Physics with Space Science & Technology from Leicester University.