Visual data discovery in law

The legal sector, as well as corporate law, has been forever transformed by the advent of electronic information storage, analysis and discovery. No longer are law firms and legal departments bogged down by massive heaps of physical records and files, which were always rife with errors, issues in management and poor efficiency. Now, they are far more streamlined and effective with respect to speed and accuracy of reporting. 

Visual data discovery is further improving the performance of content management and preparations when litigation proceedings are imminent, reducing costs and driving the effectiveness of procedures for all types of legal entities. Many believe it is only a matter of time before even more processes become automated in the legal realm, which will help companies and law firms to strengthen their financial and operational performances while reducing risk and mitigating potential disruptions. 

A word from the wise
Deloitte Analytics Senior Advisor and distinguished business intelligence expert Thomas Davenport recently explained some of the ways in which modern, real-time analytics is helping to improve the ebb and flow of legal document management in the average law firm and business.

Remember that electronic discovery is a far more common demand in this industry today, and that software and intelligence solutions represent the means to get the job done. According to the author, smart legal technologies can be used by lawyers to ensure that they are putting forth the most accurate, intelligent, targeted and efficient efforts to overcome challenges in litigation proceedings. 

Are attorneys prepared to use modern intelligence solutions?Visual data discovery is assisting attorneys for more efficient litigation management.

In fact, Davenport pointed out that many legal professionals have started to take on personal educational coursework to ensure they understand the technical aspects of novel technologies including analytics and eDiscovery software. This at once increases their stock as professionals when trying to find a new job or acquire prospective clients, while also allowing them to more fluidly and flexibly navigate complex, technology-driven requirements in their current jobs. 

At the end of the day, taking analytics and automation to the next level will have vastly positive implications for responsiveness to document requests and other processes within litigation proceedings. 

"Visual data discovery can improve legal department performance."

Make it visual
Visual data discovery will help to open the doors of analysis to a wider range of professionals and leaders, thus improving the performance of legal departments in corporations and law firms who serve them every step of the way. This has also been seen as the next progression for analytics, as breaking down reports through traditional mediums can be difficult for everyone but seasoned computer scientists. 

After all, the melding of skills to reflect technical demands and traditional legal fare is a common demand today, and visual data discovery might be the ticket to greener pastures.