Ventana Announces Technology Innovation Award Winners

Earlier this year, Altair was invited to participate in the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Awards, a program that recognizes vendors for their technology innovations that have an impact on both the market and their customers. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Altair Monarch has been selected as the winner in the Information Optimization category.

The Ventana Technology Innovation Awards distinguish pioneers that have developed clear visionary and transformative technology and showcase what technology vendors like Altair have done to advance the computing potential of their applications and technology so that it can be used to drive better efficiency and productivity as well as the outcomes and performance of an organization.

Receiving this award is fitting, since Altair is a pioneer in self-service data preparation and real-time visualization for operational intelligence. We first introduced self-service data preparation to the market through our Monarch solution, which was purposefully built to enable ordinary business users to achieve extraordinary results and significantly impact business operations through enhanced decision-making, governance and compliance. How? By solving the important business problem that plagues individuals at all levels of an organization: how to securely access all the data for successful and impactful analysis and visualization without having to wait for IT to prepare specialized reports or provide data access.

Led by Chief Product Officer, Jon Pilkington, Altair Monarch has evolved over the past two decades to meet the rising demand for fast, easy access, blending and preparation of data from multiple sources without users having to rely on IT. The solution has grown to handle the big data demands by ensuring users can acquire data from various structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats and transform it into a usable format for deeper analysis. More recently, Altair Monarch embraced the self-service model to further empower end users with self-service data acquisition and preparation capabilities to access all the data they need to be effective – and in a way that IT can control and govern to ensure full security compliance.

And the best part? Altair Monarch can be used within all areas of the organization from department managers and C-suite executives to individual end users and analysts. Each has the need to employ and analyze data on a daily basis to make strategic decisions that impact the business both in the short-term and long-term. They must have assurance that the data is the most recent and accurate to make decisions with confidence. By allowing them to access data from all areas of the organization, including the information locked away in PDFs and traditional business intelligence reports, Altair Monarch assures analysts that the resulting analysis is sound and based on the most recent data.

IT directors also depend on Monarch but in a different fashion as they are responsible for the security and integrity of the corporate data. Full audit trails, automation and governance features ensure that IT meets its compliance requirements while the self-service functionality removes the burden from IT to create customized data reports for individual business users.

Altair Monarch provides faster business outcomes for quicker decision making and it eliminates manual data collection and preparation. As a result, analysts spend less time preparing the information or manually rekeying it – which can lead to multiple errors. This allows companies using Altair Monarch to be more proactive, make better, well-informed decisions based on clean, factual information, and ultimately have a competitive edge over other firms in their market.


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