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8 Signs That You Need Financial Reporting Help

Do your month-end and quarter-end closing activities feel like they take a year to complete? Do you wish your annual reports were like the Olympics and only came around every four years?  Do you find yourself suddenly in need of a “sick day” when forecasting time rolls around? If any of these questions resonate with a painful sting, it might be time to do something to optimize and streamline your financial reporting processes. The biggest…

Star Wars: Episode VIII and a Half – The Last Analyst (A Work of Fan Fiction)

All of the excitement around the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it made the team at Datawatch realize that the plight of a Jedi was not unlike that of the common analyst, who fights the never-ending battle against their own data, armed with spreadsheets and formulas instead of blasters and lightsabers. Our very own Geoff Holm, Sales Engineer, crafted a work of Star Wars fan fiction to illustrate the parallels. We hope you…

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