Squeaky Clean Salesforce Data = Spot-on Reporting

If you’re in sales or marketing then you know all too well that without quality data, your reporting (and let’s face it, your reputation) will suffer. Garbage in, garbage out as the saying goes.

But how do you improve the accuracy of your results without spending hours of manual labor poring over and cleaning rows and rows of dirty data?

One of the primary benefits of Salesforce is that it gives its users independence in terms of record creation and relationship management. But this independence has been known to have a dark side. It’s all too easy for records to be duplicated inadvertently – either through human error or faulty integrations with other applications or back-end systems – causing marketing projections to be skewed and pipelines to appear erroneously inflated with duplicate opportunities. Come quarterly reporting time, tensions mount and patience runs thin as marketing and sales professionals scramble to cobble together “one version of the truth” as it relates to their results.

What if you could easily remove all those duplicate entries and dirty data within minutes so your reporting was more accurate?

Monarch dedupe

Assume it takes 3 seconds for a human to de-dupe a row. For 100,000 rows that is 80 working hours, or 10 working days. Users can cut this time by 99% with a self-service data prep tool.

And imagine if you could automatically blend and enrich your data to improve the credibility of your analytics and reduce formula errors and formatting issues – without the help of your IT department. Or create sales pipeline reports with pricing, margin and discount analysis, territory and account reviews and win/loss analysis. Or streamline data sources to feed dashboards with inquiries, opportunities, conversion rates, pipeline contribution, website traffic, click-through and open rates, content utilization and more.

If you could spend less time doing data gathering and clean up, you could spend more time doing what you do best – marketing and selling.

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