Spotlight on Gartner

After exhibiting at the Gartner Summits in Dallas and London this year, we noticed a shift in what analysts are looking for when it comes to self-service data solutions. Several folks across different industries expressed three common pain points with self-service analytics– limited data access, poor data quality, and time-consuming data preparation tasks. Analysts, managers, and executives from different industries, such as financial services and healthcare, visited our booth and saw Monarch in action, which demonstrated how they can quickly and easily access, manipulate, enrich, and combine disparate data from virtually any source and prepare it for analysis.

Not only did we showcase our core product, Monarch Complete, we also debuted Monarch Swarm– our newest data socialization platform for data preparation. Forbes says data socialization is the next big trend with advanced collaboration, data cataloging and crowdsourcing features to fit the needs of companies seeking ways to benefit from self-service data solutions. Introducing data socialization for the data preparation market, Chief Product Officer Jon Pilkington presented the topic Changing the Culture of Data by Revolutionizing Self-Service Data Preparation & Analysis at both shows, generating a lot of buzz and earning the highest attendance rating of any session at the Gartner Texas show.

The big picture is that companies are seeking to reap the benefits of self-service data solutions, and are excited to embrace an online data marketplace where users can access shared data, and see how their peers are using information to help minimize redundancy while increasing efficiency.

Want to try data socialization for data preparation yourself? Request a demo of Swarm.