Self-Service Data Prep Gets Even Easier

As many Altair users already know, self-service data prep is an invaluable tool when you need to get at critical information as quickly as possible. By enabling easier access to time-sensitive and previously inaccessible data in unstructured formats like PDFs, web pages, log files and more, less time can be spent on data gathering, allowing more time to be focused on the analysis needed to support business-critical decisions.

Whatever your data prep challenge – improving reconciliation or auditing processes, enhancing your use of Microsoft Excel, maintaining your compliance initiatives or increasing your efficiency with visualization tools like Tableau, IBM Watson, IBM Cognos Analytics or Qlik – your self-service data prep efforts have just gotten even easier with the release of Monarch 13.2 from Datawatch.

Check out the latest enhancements:

Connectors and Data Acquisition

  • New Business Objects connector helps you get at your SAP data faster
  • SQL syntax editing inside connectors allow you make modifications as needed
  • New OLEDB connector provides additional data sources for a more robust and stable connection
  • New XML/JSON Explorer and Parser simplifies complicated files for easier import and analysis
  • New Open File from URL brings files on SharePoint or from public websites directly into the platform
  • HP Vertica data types are now validated with HP

New and Improved Data Prep Options

  • New transform capability
  • Re-designed filtering for simplified review of filter subsets such as numeric values
  • Change lists for drag and drop
  • Add a column with user input
  • New edit column information

General Ease of Use

  • New table pinning from Prep Data
  • New options menu provides user preferences
  • New auto-open Designer upon export
  • New edit file paths from Prep Data

But wait – there’s more!

With the new Data Prep Engine, users now have the ability to work with unlimited file sizes, offering better support especially for just-in-time data prep needs. Large files no longer need to be loaded completely into the platform before users can begin working with them.

For details on the latest features available in Monarch 13.2, including answers to frequently asked questions from users, available training options, and where to get this latest version, watch the complete solution demo.

Not a licensed Monarch user? No problem! Download your free trial today!