Data Preparation for Tableau

Tableau and Altair BlueYou’re already using Tableau to uncover new business insights.  But like many organizations, you still don’t have access to the underlying data you need.  And you’re spending too much time preparing data and not enough time analyzing it.  Altair is the fastest and easiest solution for Tableau users to prepare and blend ­all data.

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With Altair you can:

  • Automatically extract and use data from existing reports, web pages and PDF documents – so you can finally use the data locked in SAP, Cognos, legacy or any application
  • Access and blend data from all databases, Salesforce, Hadoop, NoSQL and other sources
  • Over 100 functions to manipulate and enrich data with simple point and click
  • Export prepared data directly to a Tableau TDE or publish to Tableau Server


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