What’s New in the Monarch Platform?
3 Principles We Follow to Help You Master Your Data

A common question we get from our loyal Monarch customers: ‘How do you decide what to include in your next product release?’

Datawatch has 3 guiding principles we follow – every release we strive to address and balance each of these core principles:
1. Delight our customers and satisfy our end users by being responsive to their enhancement requests
2. Solve major issues that are pervasive across the analytics industry today
3. Continuously improve upon our product portfolio’s ability to make complex work easier

In December, Datawatch released significant new versions of all of the products in our Monarch platform that we’re very proud to say, will distinctly address each of our 3 core principles.

View our 1 hour webinar to learn ‘what’s new’ and how we’re continuing to innovate across all of our products to launch our customers into the future.

We will cover:
• Re-invented visual data prep – resulting in the only data prep offering that lets you preview and work with data in both an excel-like Grid and a visual Flow, so you can pick your preference and be more productive
• An exciting way to streamline data science workflows to empower the ‘citizen data scientist’ and boost enterprise-wide adoption of advanced analytics
• New data science-oriented data prep features like profiling and data categorization
• Enhanced filtration techniques in both Monarch and Swarm that make it easier to find your answers from larger data sets
• Improved workflow automation in Swarm
• … and much more!

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