What’s New in Monarch 15.1

Data Prep and Simple Analytics in One Tool

The Monarch solution has built a worldwide legacy and a loyal following as the fastest tool for preparing data for analytics. Monarch users have grown accustomed to easily transforming their data and then moving their reports to BI solutions for analysis, but the latest release – version 15.1 – now empowers Monarch users to extract, clean, blend and analyze data – all in the same tool! View this on-demand webinar to see what’s new.

Monarch 15.1 allows you to better access and analyze your data. Here’s a preview of the new features we’ll showcase in this on-demand session:


  • Utilize our new connectors from HubSpot, Cassandra and Google BigQuery to enrich your reporting
  • Save even more time accessing and preparing data with our new menu and data access options


  • Data analysis has never been easier with built-in simple yet powerful Classic-style Summaries
  • Prep your data and build presentation-ready reports in seconds in our end-to-end analytics tool