What’s New in Monarch 14.3 & Swarm – Powerful Can Be Easy

If You Like Monarch, You’re Going to Love The Newest Version

People use Monarch because it makes complex data work easy, saving valuable time and energy – better than any other solution. The latest release – VERSION 14.3 – builds upon these strengths with new functionality, an easier UI and even more time-saving capabilities. We’ve also made it easier to collaborate and share models with your colleagues with an integration to our team-driven data prep solution, Monarch Swarm.


Here’s a preview of some of the exciting new functionality we’ll cover in this on-demand webinar:

Powerful Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

  • NEW Geospatial & Scientific calculations without writing code or being mathematically inclined
  • Lookups – the power of Excel vLookups in point-and-click format – no formulas necessary
  • Enhanced our most powerful transformations so they’re more flexible and easier to use

Complex Becomes Intuitive

  • Graphical transformation overviews show how a transformation works – before it executes
  • Visual wizards make it easy to extract data from complex schemas in JSON & XML formats
  • Simplified data redaction makes it easy to hide and protect sensitive data

Spend Even Less Time ‘Prepping’

  • Named Exports allow you to save a type of export so it can be repeated quickly on a regular basis
  • Easily enrich reporting and analytics with publicly available 3rd party data sets, directly from the UI
  • Integration with Monarch Swarm makes it easy to collaborate and share data with your colleagues saving time and reducing duplicate work


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