Monarch Swarm

Most organizations suffer from not having an easy, but controlled way to provide access to trusted data for all employees. Solutions like data warehouses and catalogs can help, but a lack of data literacy throughout the organization limits their effectiveness. You can’t drive insight through an entire organization if deep technical expertise is required to access data. You undermine your centralized sources if data needs to be pulled into a spreadsheet to work with it and share it.

Monarch Swarm combines a marketplace of governed data with the power of social tools and powerful, but easy-to-use, browser-based, data preparation. The results are improved data governance, easier data discovery, fast-twitch collaboration and better data quality. Analysts can easily find and access trusted data, and IT/BI has better intelligence about data usage throughout the organization and is freed up from one-off requests, to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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  • Empowers teams to access, create, publish, describe, share and promote their datasets, models and reports on a single enterprise platform.
  • Automates and schedules regular data extraction, cleansing, blending, transformation, enrichment and exports.
  • Centralizes connectivity to data via a catalog of assets with intuitive search and browsing.
  • Delivers a data marketplace anywhere and on any device through a browser-based UI.
  • Facilitates faster discovery of useful and relevant data through social features (like, follow, subscribe) and ML-powered ‘smart recommendations.’
  • Drives collaboration between data stewards, workers and consumers through comprehensive discussions and ratings systems.
  • Tracks comprehensive data lineage and data usage with digital fingerprinting of all activity.
  • Controls access and usage of protected and sensitive data.



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