Restore Trust in Data Outcomes
Advancements in Collaboration, Control and Better Data Intelligence

We’ve reached a stage where even the smaller and immature organizations amongst us are benefitting tremendously from the agility and productivity afforded by self-service analytics and data preparation solutions. However, the sting of the negative impact these tools can have on data governance has brought us to a tipping point. Lack of control, distrust of non-curated data and duplication of efforts have left BI and IT teams searching for a new approach.

The 2018 Dresner Advisory Services Collective Insights Market Study thoroughly assesses the burgeoning demands for better collaboration and governance throughout the BI content creation process.

“Governance of content creation is moving to the fore of the collaboration discussion. Seventy-seven percent of respondents describe governing BI content creation as “critical” or “very important.” Importance is very high across functions, organization sizes, industries, and geographies.”

Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services, and Rami Chahine VP of Products for Datawatch discuss the latest trends and new approaches that will continue to empower the business analysts while simultaneously providing better control, visibility and data access that will restore trust in the analytics processes.

Our agenda will include:

  • A review of key findings from the 2018 Dresner Advisory Services Collective Insights Market Study
  • Insight into how the self-service analytics movement has adversely impacted trust and confidence in data outcomes
  • A review of the evolutionary step towards team-driven, enterprise preparation and analytics
  • Best practices for organizing and optimizing data discovery and preparation for users to collaborate, share and reuse governed datasets
  • A new data strategy model that enables both defensive and offensive approaches to operational excellence and analytic insights


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