The Future of Marketing Analytics – With SiriusDecisions

5 Steps to Building Marketing Dashboards Your CMO Will Love

What if we told you it’s possible to build a trusted marketing dashboard, showing the KPIs your CMO is asking for, without spending hours in Excel? Gone are the days of marketing reports only measuring single stream metrics like downloads, page views, trials, and badge scans. Business-impact metrics like contribution to revenue, campaign ROI and funnel velocity are now demanded by CMOs. “But I need data from multiple systems, and then my data needs to be cleaned… sorted… joined with other data”, you might say.

To provide the CMO with visibility into the results of marketing investments marketers need:

  • Access to data from multiple systems
  • The ability to cleanse, sort and join data
  • Data accuracy to provide trustworthy results
  • The ability to provide fast and easy answers to questions

Understanding the evolution and future of marketing measurement and analytics is critical to CMOs and the teams that support them. In this one-hour on-demand webinar, Sirius Decisions analyst Matt Papertsian, and Datawatch VP of Worldwide Marketing Frank Moreno, speak about creating new dashboards that prove marketing’s impact on the business.

You will learn:

From Sirius Decisions:

  • The Sirius Decisions process for developing and executing marketing measurement
  • Critical Activity, Output and Impact metrics marketing must measure
  • Pitfalls and challenges that plague most CMO dashboards today

From Datawatch:

  • How self-service marketing tools can accelerate marketing analytics, expand data access and improve data quality and trust
  • How new data marketplace and collaboration solutions enable marketers to socialize their analysis and automate their dashboard creation

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