Self-service data preparation is an invaluable tool when you need to get at critical information as quickly as possible. By enabling easier access to time-sensitive and previously inaccessible data in unstructured formats like PDFs, web pages, log files and more, less time can be spent on data gathering, allowing more time to be focused on the analysis needed to support business-critical decisions.  Dresner Advisory Services recently completed their 2nd Wisdom of Crowds report on End User Data Preparation.  All survey respondents said end user data preparation was important if not critical to have and industry vendors believe this demand will continue to grow.

View our webinar where we discuss the importance of having self-service data preparation to access all of your data, the features to look for in a data prep tool and show you how to get to your analysis and business insights faster.

Webinar:  Dresner Wisdom of Crowds on the Importance of End User Data Preparation

Speakers:  Howard Dresner, President, Founder and Chief Research Officer, Dresner Advisory Services

Dan Potter, Chief Marketing Officer, Datawatch



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