Reducing the 80% through self-service data preparation

Most companies are making critical decisions by analyzing only 20% of their data.  Would you ride to work in 20% of your car or work for 20% of your salary?  No! So stop limiting your data!  Datawatch is excited to introduce the most advanced data preparation tool on the market now.   Monarch Complete allows users to access 100% of your company’s data regardless of its structure.

Monarch Complete empowers business users to:

  • Gain access to multi-structured data trapped in PDFs, log files and much more
  • Clean data with over 80 pre-built data prep functions
  • Blend multiple data sources into one
  • Mask sensitive data in reports
  • Automate tasks in an easy to use workflow
  • Securely store, manage and control data access

Monarch is redefining Self-Service Data Preparation.  See these capabilities and more in this webinar!

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