Advanced Data Access and Data Preparation for Cognos Analytics

Transform and clean any data for self-service analytics with Datawatch Monarch for IBM

New innovations in self-service data preparation technology are having a significant impact on a business user’s ability to unlock and use all data, including dark data. Earlier this year the Gartner Group called this “the next big disruption in business intelligence.” With this newfound data comes the need to intelligently visualize and analyze. This is where IBM Cognos Analytics combined with Datawatch Monarch, now resold by IBM, become the perfect complement.

In this webinar Dan Potter, CMO at Datawatch and Jason Tavoularis, Offering Manager for Cognos Analytics at IBM will cover some of the new innovations and best practices being deployed to unlock a wider variety of data, prepare it, and use new cognitive computing approaches to uncover transformative business insights.

  •  Easily access dozens of data sources directly and prepare for visualization in Cognos Analytics
  •  How to unlock data from multi-structured sources such as operational reports, customer generated documents like purchase orders or invoices, web pages, JSON and machine data
  •  Reduce the time to blend and prepare disparate data sources
  •  The transformative role of cognitive computing and visual analytics
  •  How to deploy a self-service strategy that satisfies both the IT need for governance and control as well as the agility business users demand

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