Accelerate Excel Analytics: Eliminate Wasted Time in Spreadsheets
Watch this webinar with Datawatch and Tracey Hojka, Operations Manager at wealth management firm Whitnell & Co., to learn how you can eliminate the most frustrating and least rewarding part of your job – wrestling with spreadsheets.


Each month Whitnell has to generate over 400 packaged reports that detail its clients’ purchases of security shares and investments. It used to take the company hours to import all of the text files into Excel and format the data.


With a new approach, Whitnell was able to:
  • Fully automate reporting, saving 240 hours of wasted time per year
  • Eliminate errors by removing tedious, manual processes
  • Foster a better relationship with clients by eradicating data trust issues

Whitnell was able to save hundreds of hours of report prep time. Watch this webinar to learn how!