4 Marketing Dashboards Your CMO Will Love

What if we told you it’s possible to build a dashboard, showing any KPI your CMO asks for, without spending hours in Excel? But my data needs to be cleaned…sorted…joined with other data, you might say. What if we could promise the data would be clean, accurate, and timely? And the process would be repeatable or even automated? How do we know it’s possible? Because we’ve lived it.

We were just like any small marketing team- trying to be data-driven without having an established method for gathering data and using it to report accurate, story-telling facts. The quantity of our data was overwhelming and the quality was nothing to brag about. We tried Salesforce reports but they were limited- same with Google Analytics, LinkedIn and Adwords. Excel was our go-to tool, but it wasn’t designed for the repeatable processes we needed for consistent reporting. We needed a fresh start.

We had one goal- operational performance reporting with clean data, visualized in a dashboard that we were proud to share with our CMO. And I’m so glad to say that through the use of the right tools, we got there. View this webinar to find out how.

You will learn how we use data prep to:

  • Blend Salesforce data for more complete reporting
  • Overcome Google Analytics report limitations to filter web performance
  • Link Adwords to web traffic for holistic activity insight
  • Clean and filter lists from any data source to aid in dashboard building



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