Explainer Video: Introduction to the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform

Delays in decision making are costly. Many industry applications, including energy, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and IoT suffer from reliance on end-of-day reporting. Waiting means you’re likely to respond too late to take advantage of profitable opportunities. You need real-time data monitoring and analysis.

The Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform gives business users and engineers the tools they need to build and deploy their own real-time data monitoring and analysis systems without writing a single line of code.

The platform consists of Panopticon Visual Analytics software, the only true real-time data visualization system on the market, and Panopticon Streams, a stream processing engine that enables users to program sophisticated business logic and data functions using a fully visual interface. The platform is built from the ground up for users – not the IT department. Rather than waiting months for expensively-produced custom applications, users can build
and deploy their own systems in a few minutes.

Users don’t have to wait for end-of-day reports to make decisions that directly affect their operations and profitability. They can see and understand what is happening with their systems in real time, as it happens.

Companies all over the world use the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform to identify potential failures before they can impact the business, improve profitability, reduce the cost of regulatory compliance, and reduce operational risks. Application areas include Capital Markets, IoT, Telecommunications, Energy Production and Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, and Government.