Explainer Video: Fixed Income Trading Analytics

Panopticon is a perfect fit for algo-driven Fixed Income trading. It makes it easy to monitor and analyze trading activity, risk, and profitability, and make full use of all your data resources. Traders can build and publish their own analytical UIs without writing any code; in just a few minutes, the people who really understand the Fixed Income business can get down to business with their own customized analytics.

Panopticon handles data directly from kdb+, OneTick, Kafka, Solace, and practically any other data source you’re likely to use in electronic trading of Fixed Income assets. You can monitor trading activity in real time and jump back in time to analyze every aspect of a trade with nanosecond accuracy.

Don’t wait for end-of-day reports to make decisions that affect your profitability for the day. Build your own Fixed Income trade analytics without help from IT. You can get up and running in just a few hours.