Demo: Stream Processing with Zero Coding

Panopticon Streams works on its own or with the company’s popular Panopticon Visual Analytics software to support comprehensive monitoring and analysis of real-time streaming and time series data. Both tools are designed for use by businesspeople, who use web-deployed user interfaces to build sophisticated Kafka data flows with no coding.

Panopticon Streams connects directly to a wide range of streaming and historic sources, including Kafka, Kx kdb+, Solace, Hadoop, and NoSQL sources, and supports these critical functions:

  • Streaming Data Prep: Combines multiple real-time streams with historic data sources
  • Calculation Engine: Calculates performance metrics based on business needs
  • Aggregation Engine: Aggregates data as needed
  • Alerting Engine: Highlights anomalies against user-defined thresholds

Panopticon Streams, like the company’s established Panopticon Visual Analytics software, requires no coding. Users who understand the business problems at hand can create their own data flows, which can utilize data from any number of sources and incorporate joins, aggregations, conflations, calculations, unions and merges, and alerts. They can then visualize processed data using Panopticon Visual Analytics and output processed data to Kafka, Kx kdb+, InfluxDb, or any SQL database. Panopticon Streams may be used stand-alone or in conjunction with Panopticon Visual Analytics.