Demo: Best Practices for using Kx kdb+ with Panopticon

This tutorial describes in detail the best approaches for using Panopticon to visualize real time streams and time series data emanating from Kx kdb+ Tick and kdb+.

Demo: Connect to Kx kdb+

This tutorial explains all the steps required to connect to kdb+tick real time streams and to kdb+ databases.

Demo: Build Kafka-enabled HTML5 Trading Analytics Dashboard with No Coding

Learn how to build a real-time streaming visual trading analytics dashboard in just a few minutes. Panopticon supports drag-and-drop construction and configuration and no coding is required. The system can connect natively to Apache Kafka streams with no middleware required. Users can monitor and analyze trading volume, prices, executions, peer comparisons, systemic performance, and look for unusual activity using data visualizations optimized for use in Capital Markets applications.

Explainer Video: Quick Introduction to Capital Markets Use Cases for Panopticon Fast Analytics

Major buy-side and sell-side firms and exchanges in financial centers around the world use Panopticon fast analytics to improve profitability and perform: Market Microstructure Analysis Spread & Liquidity Analysis Flow Analysis Order & Execution Analytics Conduct quantitative analysis using R and Python. With Panopticon, traders can spot anomalies in seconds, investigate in minutes, and take immediate action. Fast analytics gives firms doing high frequency trading an edge in terms of profitability, whether they are…

Demo: Subscribe to, Join Streams, Publish to & Define Limits with Apache Kafka

This video demonstrates how to subscribe to multiple pricing and reference data streams managed by Apache Kafka, how to join streams, and how to publish data back to a Kafka topic. It goes further and shows how to build a Kafka-powered Panopticon visual analytics dashboard to alert uses to breaches for particular instruments and to update and monitor trading limits.

Demo: Connect to Confluent Kafka

This video demonstrates how to: Connect to a Kafka bus Choose whether to use the Confluent Schema Repository Process messages in Avro, JSON, XML, and Text Subscribe to Latest or History Filter subscriptions Author in Panopticon Designer and publish to the web Generate HTML5 real-time streaming dashboards without coding…

Demo: Stream Processing with Zero Coding

Panopticon Streams works on its own or with the company‚Äôs popular Panopticon Visual Analytics software to support comprehensive monitoring and analysis of real-time streaming and time series data. Both tools are designed for use by businesspeople, who use web-deployed user interfaces to build sophisticated Kafka data flows with no coding. Panopticon Streams connects directly to a wide range of streaming and historic sources, including Kafka, Kx kdb+, Solace, Hadoop, and NoSQL sources, and…

Demo: Connect to the Solace Low Latency Message Bus with no coding

This video demonstrates how to: Connect to a Solace message bus Select a Solace topic Convert numeric fields containing time stamp data into Time-formatted fields Use the Persistent Server Subscription function to keep the Solace subscription active even if no one is accessing the system Publish a Solace-enabled analytical dashboard to the web with a single click…

Demo: Connect to the InfluxData Time Series Platform

This video demonstrates how to: Connect to a Influxdb database Query Influxdb to visualize multiple measurements, including trading and market data across time Transform the Influxdb data to enable time series analysis and join reference data to time series Aggregate performance by industry and visualize trades at a particular point in time Publish an Influxdb-enabled analytical dashboard to the web with a single click…

Demo: Connect to the TIBCO StreamBase LiveView Live Business Intelligence Platform

Users can visualize live data from instances of the TIBCO StreamBase LiveView Live Business Intelligence Platform. This tutorial shows you how to connect to LiveView, add data visualizations to a dashboard, aggregate LiveView data on-the-fly, and publish a completed dashboard to the web. Panopticon can filter LiveView data from multiple LiveView data sources, and can subscribe to full LiveView tables, predicated tables, or SQL projections.