Video – Marketing Analytics: Targeting and Profiling…

Demo: Smart Meter Monitoring & Analysis

Panopticon visualizations enable smart grid managers to utilize real time data streaming in from a network of smart meters to analyze usage, price, cost, and identify opportunities to improve system performance and profitability.

Demo: Monitor IoT Sensors with Panopticon Control Charts

Panopticon enables organizations to monitor and analyze real-time data streaming in from a wide variety of IoT sensors in industrial applications.

Demo: Introduction to Panopticon 17.0

With Panopticon 17.0, we also introduce a new product: Panopticon Streams, a Kafka-based stream processing engine that requires no coding. This video focuses on the visual analytics components of the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform. Panopticon 17 incorporates numerous improvements and new features, including: Enhanced Kx kdb+tick connectivity to support the extraction of nested lists ImprovedĀ Kafka connector that separates the schema registry host and port from Zookeeper, making it easier utilize the schema registry Improved…

Demo: Working with Dynamic Schemas

Panopticon Workbooks are based on a underlying data structures with schemas that we then bring to the screen with a range of data visualizations. We can define dynamic schemas that allows users to enter variables directly into a Panopticon Dashboard, which then modifies the schema to alter the display as required by the user.

Demo: Add Annotations to Time Series and Static Data Sets

This video demonstrates how to configure the Panopticon visual analytics platform to allow users to add annotations of any type to database records, including data points at a specific time stamp in a time series database.

Demo: Best Practices for Using OneTick with Panopticon

This video demonstrates how Panopticon supports connectivity to OneTick for queries of time series data as well as subscriptions to real time streaming data from the OneTick CEP engine.

Demo: Saving Context and Queries to a Kx kdb+ Database

The video demonstrates how to save and delete queries, data, and other context to and from a Kx kdb+ database using the Panopticon visual analytics platform.