Demo: Introduction to Panopticon 17.0

With Panopticon 17.0, we also introduce a new product: Panopticon Streams, a Kafka-based stream processing engine that requires no coding.

This video focuses on the visual analytics components of the Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform.

Panopticon 17 incorporates numerous improvements and new features, including:

  • Enhanced Kx kdb+tick connectivity to support the extraction of nested lists
  • Improved Kafka connector that separates the schema registry host and port from Zookeeper, making it easier utilize the schema registry
  • Improved handling of null reports sent by Kafka Streams, which are actually delete events being emitted from Kafka Streams state stores
  • New Panopticon Streams connector that can subscribe to output Kafka topics generated by the Streams engine
  • Support for Hive STRUCT & ARRAY data types
  • Ability to query MongoDB without administrator access
  • Support for both Elastic 5 and Elastic 6 as two separate connectors
  • Increased timeout limit for retrieving data via REST interfaces to better support large data extractions

Request a demo and see it for yourself today!