Explainer Video: Using MemSQL with Panopticon

Process and Visualize Time Series Data Managed by MemSQL High Performance Database

Connect directly to data stored in MemSQL in seconds. Build complex stream processing and visual analytics applications in minutes.

Using Panopticon to analyze highly granular time series data stored in MemSQL makes it easy for business users and engineers to build, deploy, and being using their own streaming analytics solutions – customized to their unique requirements – without writing any code. They can begin doing useful work within a few hours, and modify their systems as needed to ensure that they are making fully informed, insightful decisions based on the best available data.

  • Panopticon includes a native connector for MemSQL. No customization required.
  • Connect to any number of MemSQL data sources.
  • Federate time series data stored in MemSQL with any number of real-time feeds and/or any standard SQL or NoSQL databases to do fast comparisons of reference data with real-time streams.
  • Implement a wide range of low latency statistical analysis tools, including comparisons, filters, calculations, conflations, and aggregations.
  • Program alerts based on anomalies derived from complex calculations.
  • Build and publish analytical user interfaces to visualize real-time streaming and historical time series data.
  • No coding – no developers.