TDWI Pulse Report: Reducing Inefficiency and Increasing the Value of Analytics and Business Intelligence

In most industries today, it is essential for all personnel–from executives to managers to frontline sales and service staff–to use data effectively for both strategic decisions and operations. Data is increasingly the lifeblood for a host of critical activities, including managing business performance, evaluating risk, engaging with customers, fine-tuning operational processes, meeting regulatory requirements, and innovating with products and services. Driven by business demand, self-service trends in analytics, data visualization, data preparation, and related information technologies are democratizing the use of data so users can do more on their own with less IT hand-holding and dependency.

In this report, you will learn how to address many challenges, including:

  • Selecting the Right Data Access Strategy
  • Identifying and Managing Master Data
  • Improving Sharing and Collaboration


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