Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Collections Management, Mitigate Fraud Risk, and Mitigate Credit Risk

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning with Altair Knowledge Studio

In the era of the new digital economy, financial organization executives are looking for ways to distinguish their organizations, remain relevant to customers, find new markets that will drive
growth and revenue, and to leverage technologies that increase margins and reduce risks.

With so much data available to them, financial institutions that take advantage of Data Science, specifically Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (PAML), can empower people to make
better decisions mapped to defined business objectives. Accurately predicting future consumer behavior allows credit risk analysts, financial marketing analysts, and fraud detection teams to
better deploy strategies to capitalize on opportunities while deploying strategies that act as preventative measures against disruptive forces to their business models.

Download this whitepaper to learn how Altair’s PAML solutions¬† combine common data science methodologies and sophisticated statistical algorithms with an interface that business analysts and data scientists can use to find insights about their consumers and prospects within data.

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