Forrester Vendor Landscape: Data Preparation Tools

Why Read This Report:

Analysts and consumers of data both spend significant amounts of time wrangling data in order to conduct analyses and gain insights. The data in their systems lacks the context of their questions, decisions, or business actions. Enterprise architects take note: New big data environments, faster data integration, and analytic appliances aren’t the answer. Your analysts need better tools to speed up data preparation efforts that ultimately lead to faster, deeper insights that matter to the business.

Key Takeaways:

Slow Data Is An Insight Killer: The time that analysts must spend wrangling data means that it takes too long to get insights from that data. At that point, data analytics can only scratch the surface of what the business needs to know.

Analysts Own The Data Cockpit: System-defined data lacks the critical context needed for it to be useful. Data analysts and consumers are the authorities on personalizing data; they just need the ability to apply their subject-matter expertise at scale.

Data Prep Tools Facilitate Faster, Deeper Insights: Data prep tools turn tribal knowledge into reusable business logic, cutting data-wrangling times by more than half. This allows analysts to perform more analyses and dig deeper to go beyond superficial insights.

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