Eckerson Group Data Preparation Buyer’s Guide

The number and variety of data preparation tools offers many options for organizations seeking to add intelligent data preparation to their analytics technology toolkit. Many choices is a good thing but too many choices can make decisions difficult. Along with increased number of tools we have experienced growth of people and roles that perform data preparation – now ranging from line-of business analysts to data scientists – with a span of use cases from analytics to operational reporting. Variety of tools, variety of users, and variety of use cases make tool choices difficult. There is no one-size-fits-all data preparation tool. Fitting the pieces together to choose the right tool is difficult, especially when your goals aren’t entirely clear.

This guide is designed to help clarify the goals and guide you through the decision process. It describes 20 criteria to help you select a tool that meets today’s needs and grows with your organization to meet future needs. These criteria will help you research data preparation tools, describe your requirements in an RFP, evaluate proposals, and shortlist data preparation products.

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