Dresner Advisory Services 2018 Wisdom of Crowds Data Catalog Study

“The harder it is to find content, the higher the likelihood that BI initiatives will be not be successful.”

Finding analytic content (data, models, metadata, etc.) is a critical component to developing complete, trusted analytics. However, 47% of Dresner survey respondents stated that analytic consumers are having “difficult experiences in their attempts to locate/access relevant analytical content.”

By enabling easier, controlled access to time-sensitive data, data catalog solutions break down data siloes, eliminate duplicate work, improve data validity and most importantly, allow more time to be spent focused on advancing and sharing the analysis needed to support business-critical decisions.

In this 2018 Wisdom of Crowds Data Catalog Study, Dresner Advisory ranks Swarm as a top 3 data catalog, with market-leading collaboration features and powerful administrative tools, and provides insight into:

  • The status of the 2018 data catalog market
  • Market-leading data catalog features that empower business analysts
  • Best practices for finding, sharing, and accessing analytical content

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