Data Intelligence – Curating Business Ready Data And Analytics in a Data Driven Enterprise

How much time would an organization save if there were ready made data assets available for consumers to use versus everyone doing their own self-service data preparation over and over again? How can you govern data if we remain in silos all re-inventing and not sharing? What if organisations could govern data on the one hand while improving agility and shortening the time to value on the other?

To do that, we need data intelligence – a standard, collaborative approach to producing trusted, re-usable, high value business ready data assets that are available to information consumers to use across the enterprise. We need to build once, re-use everywhere. We need data intelligence to become data driven.

This white paper written by Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies defines “a common approach to producing trusted, reusable, business-ready data, enabling companies to become data driven.”


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