Bloor Spotlight: Self-Service Data Preparation

Self-Service Data Preparation and Automation Drives Insights

It is the automation and self-service capabilities that are provided by data preparation platforms that makes them significant.  Business users want self-service. They want to be able to access data, manipulate it and analyze it without having to go through IT. Or, to be more accurate, it is not IT per se that is the issue but the time it typically takes for IT to deliver the relevant information. In today’s business world a delay of a few weeks or even a few days may be too long.

In this paper, Bloor Research discusses the importance of self-service data prep to perform self-service analytics, the need to access data from a variety of sources including multi-structured data and data outside the walls of your company, the ability to automate the process, provide traceability and security and to offer an interface which is visual and easy to use.

Download the report to learn more about data prep and the qualities you should look for in a data preparation platform.

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