Alleviate Your Chronic Spreadsheet Pain: An Interactive eBook

“Excel just wasn’t designed to do some of the heavy lifting that companies need to do in finance,” says Paul Hammerman, a Business Applications Analyst at Forrester Research Inc.

Excel is used in nearly every organization, but it has major limitations. In an era when data-driven decision-making is becoming executive-level priority, anything that slows down the process of extracting insights from data should be addressed immediately. The good news is that there are easy ways to address the shortcomings of Excel.

This interactive eBook:

  • Highlights how using Excel by itself for analytics and reporting impacts:
    • Data access
    • Productivity
    • Data governance
    • Data trust
    • Timeliness of reporting
    • Collaboration
  • Illustrates what you can do to address these deficiencies
  • Shares over a dozen different video case studies of organizations who made a change

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